Sterling Silver Banana Bars

Does anyone know where I might get basic Sterling Silver banana bars
(navel body jewellery) in the UK? I have a project to produce a
unique piece for a client which ultimately needs to be based around a
banana bar. Each end of the bar is to have a stone set into it. On
the other hand, does anyone know if it is possible to make such a
thing from raw material, if so, I would be happy to receive any help
you can give? Thanks in anticipation. Mark Vardy (

MarK: If the piece you’re making is actually going to be used as a
belly button ring, I believe that the bar or shaft of the piece be
made of surgical steel, titanium, or 14K or higher karat gold, but
not silver.

There is a company called WILDCAT in London that you could probably
buy the basic shafts from, but I don’t know there telephone #–do a
GOOGLE search on the web for Wildcat body jewelry and I’m sure you’ll
find it.


Dear Doug, Regarding you inquiry regarding the appropriate metal for
navel jewelry I would highly recommend Hoover & Strong Inc. at The nickel free 14kt body jewelry metal they
produce is state of the art. They have done a lot of research and
their product reflects all of their hard work. A client of mine could
not get her navel piercing to heal and it remained inflamed. She
asked my advice and I supplied a curved bar bell for her from Hoover
& Strong and with in days the piercing was making dramatic healing
progress. I hope this may be helpful to you.

Cathy Wheless