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Sterling or fine silver mesh

Hello Orchids, I need a supplier for fine or sterling silver mesh.
The size is the factor here, I need sheets that are 8"-12" or so, not
the 3"4" squares Rio sells.

Any suggestions?


Hi, Dan, This company has fine silver:, and maybe this


Dan, A company whose metal mesh work impressed me at the MJSA show
this past spring is Staib. They are German but they do ship
internationally, and their range of materials looked to be
excellent. They advertise "Metal Mesh for the World’s Industry"
with fine milanese mesh products in precious metals and stainless
steel, available also semi-finished. They also develop customized

You can reach them at or or by phone at
+49 7231 9415.

Best of luck!
Karen Goeller
No Limitations Designs