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Sterling med alert bracelets


Hi everyone, I’m looking for a man’s sterling silver medical alert
bracelet in 9 inch length, does anyone know of any companies I can

Thanks in advance,
Sue Kapoor
Kapoor Jewelers


There are quite a few out there. Just put medical alert jewelry in
your browser. You should be able to come up with quite a few sites.

Here's a few to get you started.

Helen Edwards


You should contact MissRuthie’ One of their sites is for
Life Jewelry which has mens medical alert jewelry.

Steve Burns
Hoover & Strong


Sue, I solved that problem by buying a regular Sterling ID bracelet
and having the local trophy shop engrave the medic alert symbol on

You may have to paint in the background color. I used nail polish.

Best Wishes,
Josh Powell


I suggest getting in touch with the MedicAlert Association; they
sell the bracelets as well as pendants etc.

They can be found at Phone: 800 432-5378.

Ettagale Blauer