Sterling chain source

Hello Debby, Try Swest. I’ve had good experiences with them and
found their prices to be very competitive. They’re in Texas but seem
to be well stocked and usually ship quickly. 800-527-5057. Leda

Sorry I missed the first posts, but for sterling chains I have two
great resources:

MS Company - they are in Attleboro, MA and their
phone # is 508-222-1700. Great quality, great service.

and Mosna chains - they are in the Czech Republic and
their Canadian contact is Lada Neumann at or by
phone at 519-473-7511. Great quality - because of distance, takes
more time for chains to arrive (allow 3 weeks to process order)

The Czech prices are amazing. Minimum quantities are a little bigger
but not bad. You just have to figure out how to fax to an overseas
number and learn how to transfer funds between bank accounts (I have
heard you definitely do NOT want to use a credit card).

Good luck!
Lori Bugaj
One-Eyed Collie Jewelry Design