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Sterilite- Sterling Alloys

Has anybody tried this material? Any comments?

Tired of Brittleness in Your Sterling Silver Casting? Sterilite -
Tarnish Resistant 92.5% Sterling Silver Alloy, created by
Astrolite Inc. is your answer. Benefits of Sterilite a patented
Silver Alloy.

  • Resists tarnishing more than any other traditional Sterling
    Silver currently available. * Eliminates brittleness and cracking
    (including multiple recasting). * Reduces the chances of
    porosity. * Eliminates firescale usually associated with the
    casting of Sterling Silver. * Polishes to a smooth, high luster.
  • Heat treatable to dramatically increase hardness.

USA Distributor: Mid-States Recycling, Inc 5561 Milton Pkwy.,
Rosemont, IL 60018 Tel: 1-847-671-5401. Fax 1-847-671-5789 Attn:
Sales Department

yes I use Sterilite (get it from a dist in Prov. RI.) like it a
lot. make sure you let it cool off for at least 20 min before
quenching. Polished up great, but don’t use for thin rings.
e-mail me if ya have any questions. Marty (