Steps to success

Hi everyone out there, My name is kate and I am intrested in
getting on how one becomes known in the jewelry. I paint
and have been able to find books on marketing oneself as an artist
but have not been able to find any on becoming a designer.
I am hoping that there exists someone out there willing to give me
tips or on what they did and and the steps that I should
take to pursue my dream, Thank you all, Kate Tonnessen

Hi Kate, As far as I know there is not much available
about being a designer. You can train to be a designer. There are
courses for people who want to be jewellers. That does take time.
You could work with someone who would teach you about designing. I
trained as a jeweller/silversmith for about 5 years. I also took a
course in Industrial design which helped a lot. Can you draw? Do you
do your own designs? Do you work with metal? What medium do you want
to use to make jewellery? If you answer some of these questions
perhaps I can help you to find the next steps you need to take.
regards Richard