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Step by Step short videos


Hi All,

Have recently been doing some experiments with short technical videos. Thought you might be interested.



Thank you so much for sharing! Excellent! Nice video quality and closeups.



I enjoyed these, thank you!

Did not know about the bristle wheel. I’ve been watching videos of an Italian jewelers as he makes individual pieces and saw that he uses a bristle wheel and now I know why.

Also, the flex shaft as mini-lathe was eye-opening! I have to try that rivet.

Are more in the works?



Wonderfully done - Thank you for sharing.


Hi Charles,
Thank you for taking the time and effort to share your expertise.
Great work and a joy to see how we (humans…) achieve similar results with completely different approaches.
I think what you’re doing speaks to the professional and the beginner equally well.
My thanks again,


Thank you very much for sharing your instructional videos. You’re a great teacher!
(I already knew that, having purchased your Craftsy fold-forming video.)


Very good videos. Thank you for sharing.