Steel wool?

Maybe thats why ‘we’ are here. To assist and make people aware of
some of the pitfalls of skipping steps to get things done “fast”.
There are many dangers at working at any jewellers bench, enough to
discourage many beginners, I’m sure!

Here is one very true story, I once worked at a jewellery company
and a young woman was doing some pre-cleaning at her bench with her
flex-shaft. It was going at full tilt, just buzzing away, merrily
along till her lo-o-ong red hair got caught in the rotating sanding
disk on her handpiece. All I heard was “help!” and other
expletives,…her shoulder long hair was wrapped around the mandrel
and right up to her scalp.

We had to use scissors to cut off some of her hair to release its
hold on her head. She then afterwards tied up her hair while at the
bench. Many lessons were learned at that moment. I tell all of my
students at my “newbie” class to please tie their hair immediately!
If not, they can’t continue with me. I don’t want the risk of anyone
getting hurt…Gerry!