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Steel etched but horribly pitted

Ok, I finally got some iron sulphate and mixed with water for a
steel etch. Left in for an hour. It did a shallow etch for the
pitting is as deep as the etch, Beyond sanding.

What did I do wrong? I’m quite frustrated. Its been over 2 hours.

Right now I have a salt water on copper going.

please, suggestions. thx brenda

This time I sanded, steel wooled, cleaned and acetone, stamped with
ink anddrew some with sharpie. Used distilled water and iron
sulphate or an hour on the car battery and NO etch. again. Only
pitting. Whatever am I doing wronge I have a copper in salt water now
with a 9 volt battery. Will check in an hour or so.

need help, thx, brenda

Mike, it is pitted both around the resist and under it. Both the
steel and the copper.

If it pits around the resist, that’s still bad. I don’t want deep
pitting anywhere.

I am really open to your further suggestions. Right now I have a
ferric chloride test going for 3 hours thank you, brenda

Mike, The pitting is both under the resist on the pic and all around
it. Brenda