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Steel and Bronze in the pickle

Will Stainless steel and /or Bronze contaminate my pickle that I use
for Sterling Silver? If so, then what solution do I have?

Andrea Streicher

Andrea: you can use the stainless steel in the pickle with impunity.
I don’t know about the bronze. I am sure someone else can help us out
with that part of the question. Shael

Most stainless steels will not contaminate pickle, and most bronzes
shouldn’t either. There are some stainless steels in the low nickle
combinations that will contaminate and are also subject to light
rusting. I don’t know all about bronze alloys. The standard alloy
is copper and tin, but phosphorous, aluminum, and other metals are
often added to create bronze alloys for specific applications.

David L. Huffman

If you use citric acid as a pickle the steel will not contaminate. I
sell this product but I am not a jeweler.(this was told
to me by a jeweler) (Probably bronze will not contaminate it either)
but maybe one of the jewelers could answer that questions for sure.
Diane (201) 541 4160 @benad coming soon: