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Steamers or Ultrasonic cleaners

Hi Guys -

I need some advice about steamers ad Ultrasonic cleaners. If you
were to add one of them to your studio, which one would you add first
(or only) and which brand would you choose and why? Which cleaning
solutions are least toxic to me and to the environment? Do I have to
dispose of the solution for an Ultrasonic at a toxic waste depot?
Thank you!!!

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Hey Jean,

GemOro have a system with both steamer and ultrasonic in one.

Its called (Dual action combo-steamer/sonic) I saw it recently on
QVC for $199

Hi Jean,

My first priority is an ultrasonic cleaner and have no particular
brand preference as long has it is sufficiently powerful (mine has a
power output of 60 watts) and has a heater. This leaves out the cheap
little ultrasonics that sold household use. They might work for
removing some gunk from jewellery, but they are virtually useless
polishing compound. The main active ingredient in ultrasonic cleaning
compounds seems to be some sort of surfactant (soap, detergent or
possibly trisodium phosphate) and an alkali (sodium carbonate or
ammonia). In addition spent ultrasonic liquid will contain polishing
residue such as greases and waxes, and abrasive compounds such as
pumice, aluminium oxide and rouge (iron oxide). Environmentally these
substances are relatively innocuous in small quantities (a litre or
so at a time) washed down the drain into a septic system or sewer
Alternatively I suppose they could be left out to evaporate and then
disposed of in dry form. I’m not sure how much recoverable gold and
silver there would be in this.

All the best

Both, but get the sonic first. We use a green degreaser from fleet
farm called jungle Jake, non toxic, biodegradeable. If you don’t want
to put it down the drain fling it out over your lawn. The earth is a
great filter as long as you don’t overload any one spot. The problem
with humans is we put all the toxic stuff all piled together in a
land fill and the ground gets polluted. Ground and bacteria take care
of most things very efficiently and turn it into good soil. The
little bit you are going to use is negligible.

Sonics can be used as super pickles if you have stubborn firescale
and to clean jewelry that’s caked with lotion and meatloaf before you
had them with a torch. Steamers are god too but you can do some of
that with bristle brushes after three are in the ultrasonic.

Hello, Probably a good ultrasonic comes first, (i use both) After
cleaning polishing dirt (sweeps) from the jewelry, always let the
solution sit for a couple of days, and then pour it out slowly. The
gunk at the bottom has a lot of gold, platinum and silver; depending
on what you polished. Save this dirt for awhile, give it to a refiner
and then go on a great vacation. Compliments of the “dirt”. have fun,

If you are looking for just a steamer for at home or in front of the
Store check out the Stuller Jewel Jet

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold
Stuller Inc.

Note From Ganoksin Staff:
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