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Steamer solutions / cleaners


I was curious, if any one knew of an alternative to the steam cleaner
additives that are pitched in the catalogs? I should say, Cheap,
alternative! It sounds like nothing more than an antifreeze type


The Dr.
(Director of Romance)


I always use a cap full of Whisk laundry detergent with an ounce or
two of Parsons household Ammonia Per quart of water, works good on
investment and on removing buffing and polishing compounds. Also
good to pre clean an item incoming for repairs, (lets you see what
you have) a rinse under warm water and normally you have a clean
object…Always be certain of what stones or materials you are putting
in and do not try any solvents! as they can explode literally and
some stones, Pearls and Shell sets can be seriously damaged very

Kenneth Ferrell