Steamer glass & Foredom

you are so-o-o right Harold on the glass tubing, why buy it retail,
if you can buy it wholesale,eh? even some of my tools are bought
through the local large ‘box stores’ who sell smaller tools. I even
buy “metholated alcohol” that way, almost half the price! Has any one
seen the newest Foredom hammer handpiece? Its a real gem, fantastic!
its a motor and hammer all in one simple hand held unit, no heavy
flex-shaft to carry or to hold all day long. it is a manual or by foot
pedal. I just bought one and I’ll give my opinion on it in a day or
so. I was the first guy to introduce it as a setter to the
American/Canadian ‘market’ in the Toronto Jewellery Trade show! great
results. its so-o-o light, too …gerry, the cyber-setter!