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Steamaster heating element

Hello All,

I’m looking for a heating element for a steamaster steamer model
#23.720, it’s a 120volt model. I called steamaster and was informed
that this model is discontinued and this part is no longer available
through the mfg. Does anyone have a heating element they don’t need
or know where I could find one?

Thank you for any assistance!

Best Wishes,
Britt Anderson

Hi Britt, check with Frie and Borel. We had to replace the heating
element on our very old steamer last year. Not sure if it is the
same model, it is at work and I am at home.Worth a try. Janine in
almost fall weather Redding CA.

Try Armstrong Tool and Supply in Livonia Mich. 800-446-9694 Steve
Arista Designs LLC

Try Otto Frei - I know they have a repair dept.

I have the same problem Britt. I have one that was manufactured in
1979 that I need parts for sitting in storage. I called Steammaster
and they said the parts have long since been discontinued. I told
him that they must have old parts somewhere, that I felt that saving
this old machine was akin to restoring an old Corvette. He just
laughed at me.


Not sure what model ours is… But we source ours through Rosenthal
jewelry Supply in Miami.


I have been buying my Steamer-Heating Elements from any source that
has a good price and I UP the Wattage to get a faster heat-up and I
have "never-ever had a problem and I get my steam fast in the
mornings and I eventually started leaving it on overnight to always
be ready when I open the shop.

But that may be risky for some to do -because - not ALL people are
knowledgeable to these things. You want to call-me, I’ll help any-one
that is in the Business and needs to do their own replacements of
the heating units of your precious and expensive equipment. You will
not bother-me by calling for help or assistance. I have been-at-this
for 42 years and I still love-it and I will help ANYONE to get
better, or want to know more of what the business offers.
Never-done-it-before!!! Call-me, I’ll walk you through-it before
you start the replacement, just to keep all the Safety-Precautions in
line, and make yourself proud that you did-it-yourself. I have TWO
machines and I did not have to buy them—Jewelers here just take
them off the shop counter, put them in the corner and order a new one

Stephen Wyrick, CMBJ