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Steam Cleaner under $1000


I’ve been cleaning granulation with a toothbrush and its not quite
cutting it. So I tried the $250 X Steam and the gasket keeps
failing. Any suggestions for a steam cleaner under $1000, I really
can’t afford $1000 right now… you can answer on or off list.
Thanks! Enjoy Spring today!-Susan

Susan McDonough
Susan McDonough Jewelry


I never used a steam cleaner - I’m not even sure what a
jewelry-sized one looks like - BUT - i wonder if anyone has tried one
of those little steamers you can use to make lattes and cappucinos?
They have a little nozzle which you can direct at the work, or hold
the workpiece in front of it (with pliers or tweezers, of course).
Seems to me that would do a fine job of sending out a solid, coherent
jet of high-temp steam, at high (enough) pressure too. And you could
make yrself a cappucino at break time. And - they are cheap as dirt.
Good selling point.

Anyone ever use one? Or is a “steam cleaner” something entirely

Marty in steamy Victoria


Hi, Susan:

I bought a Steamshine “Lotus” model 2020 from CD Nelson several
years ago, and have been happy with it. No problems at all. I don’t
use it a daily, but it works well and seems to hold up to occasional
use over time. It’s also compact in size. Their current price is
around $650, I think.

Bob Edwards
Chromis Designs
San Francisco


I DON’T recommend the Jewel Jet Pro. On mine, the tank split, got
water everywhere. I opened the bottom to find out why (and took
photos). The company wriggled out of the warranty on a technicality,
saying I had ‘tampered’ with the unit. When I talked to the customer
service rep, her attitude was that she didn’t care that the unit had
failed, just that I was at fault. So now I’ve got no steamer, and a
low opinion of the Jewel Jet and Roseco.

If you get any promising recommendations offlist, please post the

best regards,
Kelley Dragon

i wonder if anyone has tried one of those little steamers you can
use to make lattes and cappucinos? 

I bought one on eBay for $1 plus a few more for shipping, for just
that purpose. I have only tried it a few times. The fact is, I’ve
never used a “real” steamer, so I don’t really have a basis for
comparison, and I’ve never gotten in the habit of using it. It does
squirt steam out, fairly briefly and not at very high pressure. I
don’t do repairs, so I’m not trying to remove skin gunk, etc, so I
would really only use it to remove buffing compound, and a soak in
Citrisolve seems to do that OK.



I have a GemOro Steam Cleaner - the Personal size - list price $99.
It’s fine for my needs, which is low volume.

I bought one on eBay for $1 plus a few more for shipping, for just
that purpose. 

That’s exactly what I started out my business with. I got it at a
local hardware store and worked fine until I could afford a good one.
I highly recommend it for the beginner and once you start making
money, then invest in something a bit larger! I even tell friends of
mine to use it for home use!


You should post the fact is “Roseco”. I ceased doing business with
the owner and the company many, many years ago. I don’t think that
they have the “Jewellers”, at heart, just money! When you keep
looking for the cheapest equipment maker so you can beat all the
prices - there hast to be a short fall, and it’s usually you. “You
bought it – -- You own it”!

Stephen Wyrick, CMBJ


Hi Susan,

I bought a Shark Euro-Pro steam cleaner originally to clean 900+
sq.ft. of grout. It has a pressure nozzle tip that is very powerful.
After loaning it to my best friend, a full time custom jeweler; he
agreed that I could clean jewelry with it. Using cross-lock tweezers
to hold it, I cleaned my diamond solitaire with great results.

I found the Euro-Pro on-line at - model number S3325. This
is not the mop-only version. It does have a mop attachement, but the
pressure nozzle is amazing. This one looks more like a canister style
vacuum. It was priced around $100.

Jean Marie DeSpiegler


I posted in the past that I bought the Crofton SC-130 handheld steam
cleaner from Aldi with accessories for 30.00. It heats up very fast.
I don’t need it very often, but I’m glad I have it when I do. There
are several similar steamer models listed at this website as well as
a video.

Patricia Knox