Starting elementary classes in the UK


I am considering giving small basic elementary classes in
silversmithing including jewellery in a purpose built studio in my
garden. I live in the UK so rules & regulations will be different; I
am looking for any helpful advise on this subject please. positive

Kind regards
Gill Bridgestock

Hello Gill,

Please clarify one thing for me: are you proposing teaching
elementary aged children or simply, novice jewellery makers as my
advise would vary between groups. I have taught children and adults
so want to address the needs of the correct group in terms of
programme design! Also, where in the UK is your studio as the adjunct
resources that may your programme benefit that I may recommend could
be more specific…never the less, good luck in your endeavor…rer

(Sorry about the typo - there is something to be said for
proofreading before hitting -send-! )…rer

I too would love to start a jewelry class for kids (ages 10 and up)
here in my town in new York. If you are willing to offer suggestions
or even s curriculum that would be a big help!

Thanks so much.

Hi Gill,

I am in the UK, South Glos.I have been doing classes in my workshop
for a few years now. I have 3-4 people at a time, about once a month,
to start with it was a bit impromptu, but now I am more organised and
have insurance for them. I did it through the FSB for about 150/yr. I
am gradually moving on to more specialised courses, Wax carving,
Casting, etc.

I don’t know if you have done any teaching before, my experience is
that you will find they quite slow, and probably of quite mixed

I found that they DO like to have a finished item to take home at
the end of the day. This can involve your input at times. It really
depends if they want to learn to become jewellers or if it is
entertainment for the day. What you expect they want may not be what
they want. They all need to be pushed/helped to different amounts.

I cant think of any rules or regulations that apply, making them
aware of potential dangers is good, they are all frightened of the
torch, I wouldn’t let them use my polisher for quite a time until I
was sure that they respected it.If you get Health and Safety involved
I am sure that they will veto all hand tools and machinery out of
hand ! You have to judge what they are capable of concentrating on.

Hope this helps,
Tim Blades

Most kids today and also most adults under 40 have never used tools,
and have no respect for tools. I have seen kids that don’t even know
how to sweep with a broom. I grew up building things with wood, or
maybe it would be better described as destroying good wood. But,
when I did start jewelry I was very grounded in tool use. So with all
that said, a curriculum of basic tool knowledge, have them cut wood,
hammer and screw it together, sand it smooth. Twist wire around it
etc etc etc.


Thanks Bill, That is certainly worth taking into consideration!
Perhaps only have 2 adults at a time would be a good idea, at least
that way I’d be able to keep an eye on them.