[Start2be Yak] The Importance of Research


Sorry to jump up & down like that but design is kind of my
"bug." I see where you’re coming from now. You see, I live in MI
where, with the possible exception of Detroit, Ann Arbor and
Birmingham, commerical jewelry is the norm and it kind of
irritates me. I consider jewelry design as true art and as such
it should be taken somewhat seriously, not sold by the gram as
much of the mass-produced stuff is. Don’t get me wrong, I like
to have fun with my work as well but feel there is a definate
lack of respect for jewelry art in some quarters.

Thanks for your reply;


Steve, A customer once said that she came to me because she
couldn’t stand that “Young Dowager Look” and knew that I would
come up with something she would love.

One of my favorite quotes is from Verdura after he observed a
huge sapphire on a woman, he turned and said “Mineralogy isn’t

Happy Designing…