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Star Sapphire or Ruby?

I bought a “Star ruby” at a rock show this year. It is’nt really red
more purple. So I wonder, where is the line between Sapphire and
ruby? They are both corundum… can someone help me with this
conundrum:) And them how would I go about figuring a price? I paid
$3.00 for an appx .2ct stone. It is definatly a real star not a
I also cut a rose quartz (from cal I think, very lavender), has 7
seperate stars…which I feel I can charge more for as it is unique.

Thanks for all the good info.


To be practical I will respond from the practice of the gem trade. If
you ask a dealer for a star ruby you will be shown a red, pinkish, or
purplish stone. If you ask for a blue star sapphire, you can be shown
from a blue to a grey colored stone. The star rose quartz has a six
rayed star which should be able to be viewed on two opposite sides of
the material. The best pieces I have seen are spheres. The round
shows off the star to greatest advantage. When you say it has seven
stars, all I can imagine is included material that is breaking up the
rays. to appear that way. There are only two points on a star rose
quartz where there is a center with six rays radiating from a center

Richard Hart

I have always found the line drawn between star ruby/star sapphire
to be much more fluid than in the case of ruby/sapphire. I have seen
many purplish star stones called star ruby. Technically it needs to
be red, but I think from the standpoint of practicality the line is
often drawn all over the place on asteriated stones.

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So I wonder, where is the line between Sapphire  and ruby? 

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