Star green beryls

I’ve cut several star beryl cabs lately, from aquamarine to a
chrysoberyl green. Some are both star and catseye. So I’ve become
curious as to whether people see these sorts of phenomenals often.

I also wonder whether you like these sorts of stones. They run from
ring stone sizes through a larger 2 sided drop.

One more thing. I’m wondering if anyone has ever seen a Pakistani
star peridot.

Derek Levin
The Gemmaker

I love real star and cats eye stones. I have never seen a star
peridot! You should share photos of your work and the stones. They
sound beautiful.

Hi everyone! I also like to look at a photograph Peridot star. I’ve
cutfaceted peridot with design star, but cabochon star is the first
time I hear someone talking. Regards. Carlos