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Standard Sizes for Bangles?

Hi All I am making some bangles which will be cast for a limited
edition production range, and was wondering if there are any standard
sizes.Thought I might make 3 sizes.A diameter measurement would be
most helpful as I don’t know how symbols correspond from different
parts of the world. Thanks in advance Christel van der Laan

Christel, I believe 18cm is a standard size for a bangle.

Have a look at this site:

It’s in dutch, but seeing your name, I that will not be a problem (I


        I am making some bangles if there are any standard sizes. 

Best thing to do is experiment/make different size pieces and try
them on different size people. I have used 2.50, 2.625 and 2.75-3.0
inches I’m still trying to decide on sizes for cuff type bracelets to
go on the arm above the elbow, openings inside shape and dimensions.
I would like to spring hinge them also, but i haven’t been able to
find them sold anywhere, so sofar i must fabricate them, then i
could be ftc compliant also, for handmade…,dp