Stan Levine passed away

With extreme sadness!

On July 2nd my teacher, mentor, instructor “Stan Levine”, passed
away! He left me with tons of Diamond Setting knowledge. I’ve known
him since 1960 & through my many 9 years of training, I acquired much
of my experience directly from him.

We worked together in Toronto for 14 years @ “Siffari Jewellers”.
Through some personal tough years, I achieved what a ‘setter’ must
know before going on my own. We kept in constant communication &
every so often visiting & sharing meals.

In the beginning years, just after starting, my Father asked him to
teach me a trade. He took me under his wings & taught me ‘non-stop’.
Even in those earlier years, he saw that I had an aptitude for
’Bright-Cutting’, my Dad & Stan were happy.

While he was in the hospital last year, for lung-cancer, I showed
him my “Guinness World Record” certificate. His face just beamed
with joy & totally proud & satisfied in knowing of what he gave me. a
full training in being a qualified ‘Diamond-Setter’.

So my dearest friends on Orchid, you are viewing much of what he has
given me. Now you are learning from ‘him’, through me!..In my mind,
he is still alive! I feel at this time we should ‘honour’ those who
gave us a beginning.

"Stan, its time for you to please put your setting-tools
down!..'Rest in Peace"…;> (
*Gerry Lewy…

Oh Gerry,

your post is such a wonderful tribute to Stan Levine. Yes, he lives
on through you, and all those you have taught, and those of us on
Orchid who have been so blessed to have been taught by him through
you. Alma


Condolences for the lost of your good friend and mentor. Your words
honor him greatly, your respect clear.


He must have been a wonderful teacher. You have proven that! I’m
sorry for your loss.

So sorry for your loss, Gerry. The beauty of what we do is the
endurance of our art form. As you point out, when we share skills we
have learned we honor our teachers and they live on through us and
those with whom we share those lessons.

Donna W
Huntsville, AL

My sympathies, Gerry. The death of a mentor is especially difficult.
Thank you for keeping him alive through your sharing of his
teachings. We must all do the same.

Judy in Kansas

Gerry, my deepest condolences. His knowledge will live on through
you, and what you keep sharing with us on Orchid. El

Dear Gerry,

My thoughts are with you and my heart mourns your loss. A beautiful
tribute to a dear friend and mentor.

Sincere sympathy,

I am sorry for your loss. Thank you, Gerry, for paying it forward.
You bless us all with your knowledge!