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Stamps already cast into the jewelry

How do I get my logos stamped into the wax without having to hand
stamp each piece of jewelry? Some jewelers have a nice clear makers
mark that looks cast into the piece. Any anyone could
give me would be greatly appreciated.

Mary R.


One of the beautiful (and maddening) things about the casting process
is that whatever’s in the wax is going to end up in the metal. Even
fingerprints! So carving, stamping, or otherwise marking your waxes
with your maker’s mark will result in the cast piece having a lovely
maker’s mark in it. Very easy! You can use the same stamps you would
for metal, just press them into the wax rather than wacking them hard
with a hammer. Slightly heating the face of the stamp may yield good
results for some types of very hard waxes, but experiment to figure
out the technique that works best for you.

Karen Goeller

Hello Mary,

Maybe I’m missing something, but (at least in the USA) you should be
able to use your logo stamp on your wax so that the impression is
just another detail in the final castings. Same thing with the metal

Judy in Kansas

Some jewelers have a nice clear makers mark that looks cast into
the piece. 

Yes, it is cast into the piece. It was stamped into the original
cast metal model before they made the rubber mold to reproduce their
production castings. I have never been able to get a crisp stamping
of my mark other than in metal. If I know that a mold will only be
used for one type of metal, such as sterling, I will put that stamp
into the original model, too.

M’lou Brubaker
Minnesota, USA’louBrubaker