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Stamping your initials vs registering a Trademark

So I have had some issues with I tried to re-up my trademark and now they are refusing it. Nothing has changed and they don’t respond to my questions.
So here is my question: Can I use my initials as a hallmark and let the Trademark lapse?

An unregistered trademark is known as a maker’s mark. You can use your old mark or your name or initials or a new logo. Just know that it won’t have trademark protection.
Also, many states have their own trademark registration authority. It’s generally easier to register a mark with a state authority as the mark only has to be unique within the state. It’s also usually less expensive.


While that is true, a state trademark offers less protection. It’s important to understand the difference between a hallmark and a trademark. A hallmark just identifies the work of a particular jeweler. A trademark identifies your goods or services as distinguished from someone else’s. E.g. Polo is a trademark of Ralph Lauren that sets his jeans apart from Gap or Old Navy. Also, a trademark must designate a class of goods, i.e., clothing, shoes, jewelry. The people at the Patent & Trademark Office ae usually very helpful. I’m surprised they haven’t replied to you. Perhaps they’re experiencing Covid-related staffing problems? Sorry to be so verbose, this was my area of expertise years ago when I was an intellectual property paralegal.

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Hi, thank you for replying. I finally just hired a lawyer. I had the trademark for years but for some reason when I re-upped there
were issues. When I tried to resolve these myself I got no help from them, maybe as you say - staffing issues. I can’t fix something if I don’t
know what is wrong. The lawyer has done this before, however, and knew what sort of info was needed. Worth the $425 I think.