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Stamping tools

Hi All, Since there has been much discussion of stamping items and
what the laws are, who has a good source for ordering quality stamps.
I am interested in “standard” stamps and also custom. The one that
I am currently using do not make a crisp stamp and I want to replace
them with high quality stamps. I have asked a few people that I am in
contact with and have gotten some opinions and I want to see if any
suggestions cross paths. Thanks so much and happy stamping.
Beth Katz

I have used Sparks Steel Stamp co. out of Long Island City , Newyork
for about 10 years and have recommended them to many satisfied
customers. They can deliver rush jobs if asked , but standard delivery
is about 1 week. There are other companies like Microstamp and others
, but i have not had any experience with them and cannot comment on

We have over 30 logo stamps for various customers that have been made
by them. My 14k and .925 stamp are about 15 years old and still work
fine. We do model making, mold making, casting in gold,
sterling,pewter and bronze as well as full finishing service.

Daniel Grandi

Hello Beth: I got my stamps custom made through RIO GRANDE. They did
my custom MRM stamp for 55 dollars. I am pleased.

Michael R. Mathews Sr.

I am interested in getting a national/state tradesmark for my
jewelry. Any suggestions on where to get this? Also, any
suggestions on where to get the tradesmark stamp made? Does Rio do this?

Hi Folks, Add to your list of logo & karat ring stamps. Call
Microstamp Corp. 1-800-243-3543. They can make a stamp of your name
that will fit on the side of an earring post using a special plier.
Wow! these are very crisp, very detailed and can fit anything. They
can do a variety of formats. Call for an incredible brochure. Ask for
the stamped penny. You won’t be disappointed. These are definitely
worth the nominal investment. John, J.A.Henkel Co.,Inc.,Moldmaking, Casting, & Finishing

My name stamp from Microstamp is as crisp and clean as the day I
bought it. My other quality stamps are made of a lower grade metal and
tend to rust on me. Top quality materials and workmanship. This truly
is a tool that will last you a lifetime… and impress people. :wink:

All the best,
Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)

I live abroad and would like to know if Microstamp Corp. has an
e-mail address or web page?? Thanks in advance.

Sharron in hot and today, stormy Saigon

Hi Sharron, MICROSTAMP CORPORATION can be reached online at FAX number is (626) 793-9491.
Regards, David

Hello Sharon

Here is all the about Microstamp Corporation

Address:2770 E.WALNUT ST.PASADENA,CA 91107-3754

Regards Pedro