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Stamping Multimetal Work

Hello again - I have more questions than answers . . . however in
my search for the “National Gold & Silver Marking Act” mentioned
in Alan Revere’s reply - I found a site on Canada’s requirements.

In this section under # 14-1 “The use of dual markings such as
14k - 18k” or “10k - Sterling” are only permitted on articles
where the quality difference is discernible by colour. The
quality making up the greater proportion in the article must
appear first."

I wonder if it is the same in the US?

I make pieces that have 2 separate moveable parts - back drop is
sterling silver and top piece is 14k yellow gold - joined with a
french earwire - dangle earring. Am wondering how best to stamp
this work. The 14k stamp if marked on back of 14k piece would
not be visible to the buyer unless the silver piece was lifted
up. It seems that the back sterling piece could be stamped: logo,
ster, 14k

The 14k/ster is not joined by solder in this case.

Thanks again.