Stamping a half round wedding band without marks on the outside?

How do I stamp a 14kt stamp on a half-round wedding band without leaving a flat mark on the outside of the ring ?

thank you

Stamp in a half round groove in a steel bench block. 14K isn’t very long. You should be able to remove the flat with a file or two in such a way that it doesn’t show on the finished ring. Good luck…Rob

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This is most likely what Rob’s suggesting:


Or just use an inside ring engraver.

Would it be possible to use a block of hardwood that was sanded or carved or stamped into the proper curve to support the half round ring stock? -royjohn

Lead block.

Your ring will bend in a wood or lead block, better use a steel half round anvil

I forgot to stamp a ring last week (and more times than I care to remember). In desperation I took about 5 layers of masking tape and put that on the bench block and took a decent (enough, not too much) whack at the ring stamp. This ring did have a slightly curved surface so I steadied it with much downward pressure of the stamp. Much to my surprise there wasn’t a mark on the other side and the impression was decent. An added bonus perhaps was that the tape kept the ring from slipping away. Maybe you could get the same results with a wooden block sandbag. Good luck!

…hmmm…interesting conversation…i forget to stamp too!

my latest solution is to lightly and shallowly embed the rounded or non flat item into pitch, let cool/ harden, then stamp…

if you lubrucate item, and embed while pitch is not too hot, then a deoression will be made to support the piece, without creating a clean up mess…

a thought…


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I use a piece of 5oz untreated vegetable tanned leather, smooth side up, over a bench block. It cradles the shank nicely leaving no mark in the metal, but a nice tooled depression in the leather as it compresses down, ready for the next shank.

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