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Stamp with my name of logo?

Where in the states can i order my name and or have a logo made up?

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1-970-588-3425 in Colorado

I know someone who has used him, and I have spoken
with him, but never got around to getting the stamp made.
He seemed more affordable than some places.

Dar :sunglasses:

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Another place is Microstamp in CA.
I’ve used them many times with good results.
The custom work I do is always for other businesses or artists so I stamp the pieces with my customers logos when completed. Microstamp has made all of these.

Also try Rio Grande ( I’ve had them make a couple of custom stamps for me. Their pricing is very competitive.

Hi Marna,

For designing a logo, you need a graphic artist if you don’t want to do it yourself, and they can live anywhere in the world.… To make the stamp, you could just have it done in Israel. There used to be a really good place in Jerusalem, but even if they are no longer around, it should be something easy to find. I’ll look into it once you have your design.

Janet–a fellow Jerusalemite

Thanks everyone

Ive used Microstamp for years, they provide very accurate & long lasting (never wore one out…) stamps. Anything that can be drawn & scaled down can be reproduced. Their “Tracemark” stamps go down to .5 mm and are really handy for tight small areas. They also have an ear-post stamp that will take quite a number of characters .
Their website is
Thanks, Jim

Several years ago I was part of a presentation on Maker’s Marks. I made two handouts. One was resource based: things to remember and common questions to ask (even some quotes from Orchid peeps).
For the second handout, I developed the logo below. Then I contacted several stamp making companies (including H. A. Evers who made my maker’s mark stamp in 1984). I gave each company the same information and waited for results, which are listed on the handout. I ended up buying from Microstamp who delivered early. I did all this in 2014 and now add this stamp to everything. So I know that anything with this stamp was made after mid year 2014. Microstamp uses an odd squarish design. Handouts below along with a slide that was in the lecture.

Hope this helps!

Andy Cooperman Metalsmith
(206) 781-0648


thank you .

Buckeye Engraving did an amazing job with my stamp. Check out their work on Instagram or on their website:

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I used Buckeye for my logo stamp and I am luckily only 15 minutes away from their facility. :smiley:

I’ve used H. A. Evers for several of mine and been very happy with them. I’ve also used Rio, but after three tries they could not produce a stamp that worked.