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Stainless wire - Tigertail


G’day mate, Peter am I out of line here or do you not know about bead
stringing wire called “Tigertail” and /or “Beadalon SS nylon coated
bead stringing wire”. It comes 0.012", 0.018" and 0.024" in the Rio
Grande Catalog, page 312. Or tigertail has four sizes 0.012, 0.015,
0.018, 0.026. Hope this helps. JB


Have you considered using “Soft Flex Wire”? It is, by far, the best
stringing material that I have used. It is available in different
gauges. I’m using .024". It is essentially a cable of 7 strands x 7
wires each equaling 49 wires, very strong and very flexible. I highly
recommend it.



Definitely try Soft Flex wire. It’s pricier than Tigertail but has
none of the stiffness. You can string anything without having to use
a beading needle, and your finished necklace behaves as if it’s
strung on thread. D.


I prefer to use Soft Flex wire as it is always flexible and never
kinks and always hangs perfectly. All but the very smallest gauge is
made up of 7 strands of wire, each containing 7 strands, giving
unequalled flexibility and strength. It comes in many colors ( I use
primarily black and clear, which is actually a sort of grey) and
several gauges. I can’t say enough of the successes I’ve had using
Soft Flex. With Tiger Tail, I have kinks and my project takes on
strange ways of hanging. I don’t think I’ll ever use it again, just
doesn’t work for me. Trudy


Is this the stringing material that is covered in plastic, and has 5
or so very thin wires going through it? If so, I use it a lot. I just
don’t know the name. I found it at a bead store, very expensive at the
retail outlet. But, so nice…very flexible, but can be crimped. Gives
a nice finish to beading, or even f/w pearls. What is tiger tail? I am
sure I have seen all these, I just don’t remember names. Jelly Cord is
fun to use also. I have found that you can make a knot in the med and
thin sizes. So, you can use a clam type bead cap tip. I have done this
and it works very well.