Stainless steele shot

Does anyone know where to get the best price on mixed shape
stainless steele shot for a vibratory tumbler?

Joel Schwalb

Hi Joel,

Indian Jewelers lists mixed stainless shot at $14.75 in 1# lots,
$13.30 in 5-19#, & $12.00, 20# & up.

Rio Grande lists stainless at $29.95 for 2#, $122.00 for 20# &
$525.00 for 50#.


Dear Joel, I got a “better” price for stainless steel shot, mixed
shapes, from RIO’s used tools web site two years ago. I was pleased,
although I had to pick out some not-stainless pieces that had gotten
left in the mix.

Tracy Munn

Rio Grande had the best price but is still High you can go to a
stainless machine shop and buy clippings the only differance is the
sharp edges