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Stainless steel wire

Dear Orchidians,

I have a friend whose organization distributes a product, comprised
of long lengths of fine gauge stainless steel wire. She has been told
that the usage of tempered stainless steel wire would be much more
amenable to bending back to the original straight when/if the wire
were to be bent. She has asked me if this is the case. i am
hopelessly ignorant on the matter of stainless steel, and
web/archive searches that i have done have only brought me to
conclude that i am also woefully ignorant of the machination of
chemistry and crstalline structures…for that is what was returned.
so i query: is the statement about tempered steel v. stainless wire
true? if so, where might she source out the tempered stainless? i
thank you for humoring me, and i look forward to being educated by
the more erudite people present!

with appreciation,