Stainless steel supplier

Hello, I am new to the list and checked the archives but could not
find mention of a supplier for small quantities of stainless steel
wire and tubing. I am looking for gauges appropriate for ear rings.

Thank you,
Stephen Brisken
Dancing Yak Studio
155 Kara Lane
McKinleyville, CA 95519

Can anyone direct me to a supplier of small amounts of 116L surgical
stainless steel. I am looking for wire from 12 gauge to 00 and tube
from 1/8" to 3/4". One to three foot lengths will fit my needs.

Thank you,

To solder stainless steel to gold or silver you need the right flux.
I have found a flux that works quite well. You can purchase it from
Eutedtic Corp, in Milwaukee, WI 53288 phone # 262-255-5520 it’s
called Activitec 1000 (?) I think. As to stainless steel in
different sizes try Small Parts at Hope this helps