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Stainless Steel Safety Precautions?

Thanks for your input about casting steel. I’ve been continuing
research but cant seem to turn up much. I found a high temperature
investment, and judging by melting temperature charts our
Oxy-Acetylene could melt it. But are there any precautions you know
of? We dont cast copper because it’s toxic and we dont have very
extensive ventilation systems. Is there a problem with toxic fumes
from steel? Again, any info greatly appreciated. And do you know if
they sell steel in a casting grain form like they do for silver and
such? thanks guys. :smiley:


Why do you want to cast Stainless Steel yourself? We cast 316L and
its really cheap.

Au Enterprises, Inc.

If you or your instructor feel copper is too toxic to melt then you
have no business trying stainless steel. The majority of stainless
steel alloys have a high nickle content which at the temperatures
you are talking about will be vaporized to some degree and can cause
serious injury and it is also a suspected carcinogen.

If you are casting silver and gold alloys you are casting copper as
it is a major alloy component of most gold and silver alloys. It is
also not really considered to be especially toxic so I am curious
why you or your instructor feels that it is? Other common metals
that are in gold alloys like zinc and nickel (in white golds) are
much more toxic. The key to safety any work with molten metals
whether for soldering or casting is proper ventilation If you do not
have good ventilation you should not be soldering/melting/casting
any metals period end of story.

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