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Stainless Steel Bags

Hello all:

For those of you who do Makume Gane and need stainless steel
pouches for your kiln there is a company called McMaster Carr
Supply. They are located in different areas (see below) and they
have anything under the sun. Their catalog is 3 inches thick and
they are an industrial supply company (see page 2598 or ask for
Stainless Steel Foil Bags). They carry casting ovens, RTV mold
compounds, kiln bricks, alnico magnets and the rare earth
magnets that a few of you are looking for. They are very
reasonable in price. You name it and they got it or will get it.

MaMaster-Carr Supply Company

Atlanta, Georgia (404) 346-7000
Chicago, Illinois (708) 833-0300
Los Angeles, California (310) 562-5911
New York City-Philadelphia (908) 329-3200

There is no minimum order. They are very friendly and take
Mastercard, Visa, Etc. They will sell to anyone not just big
companies. Try 'em. You’ll like 'em.

Have a nice day