Stainless knife blades

Good day,

I’ve been buying Sheffield-made stainless blades for 26 years. The
last batch I received is the worst made to date - they’re wavy,
hooked, and have been rouge polished over what looks like a 80-grit
finish. The blades are laser engraved “Made in Sheffield.” I’m
wondering if Sheffield is importing them from China. Either way, the
quality continues to get worse, in fact they should all be sold as
seconds. I know of no other suppliers on the planet - do you?


Many thanks,
Jeffrey Herman

Send them back to Sheffield, and express what you think of them.

Which country do you live in? I have contact in the knife community,
there’ll be someone that you can work with.

Regards Charles A.

There are still some knifemakers in Sheffield, but the metalworking
industry is in such decline, and has had so little protection, that
there are only a handful of them left. I couldn’t recommend a
particular producer, but if you search for info on the campaigns to
save Sheffields’ industrial heritage, you will find a few names that
you can contact.

Hello Jeffery,

Good to be in touch with you again!

There is a considerable amount of ‘Sheffield’ cutlery which is
manufactured overseas. That said, the main issue is usually the
grade of stainless steel that is being used and the chemical
treatments that some manufacturers give it to try to reduce nickel
release. There is an excellent organisation based in Sheffield called
CATRA (Cutlery and Allied Trades Research Association;
CATRA – Cutlery Allied Trades Research Association ), they will be able to provide you
with much more specific as they now function as an
independent testing laboratory for many major UK retailers.

Best regards,
Charles Allenden
Quality Assurance Manager

Hello Charles,

Good to hear from you as well!
I’m aware of CATRA - I’ll call them today.

Many thanks,
Jeff Herman