Stainless Cable

A customer of mine likes this pendant. This pendant looks great on a
10 strand stainless choker from Herco. The choker is “only” available
in 16 or 18’’ lengths. My customer needs a 20". I would like to make
this but I’m unable to find the very fine strands of stainless
cable-.58mm. I tried Small Parts Inc,-no luck. Any info greatly
appreciated. Peter Slone

I may be off on this but I recall seeing stainless steel fishing
leader at one time in the approximate size you are looking for. Try
checking your nearest fishing supply outlet.


Peter: this stuff comes from Schofer in Germany. You can order it,
but it may take a while…call them. I have some woven stainless
cable, 3 mm diameter…purchased from Schofer . Will this fit the
bill? I have the German bayonet clasps to go with it. 1 meter
lengths. Not expensive…let me know if you need…