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"Staged Ring" for essays

We all need a “Wee Bit of Humour” these days, I figured you would like this collection of ‘staged ring’ photographs…:>)

  1. I had to hold the ring
  2. against the pumice wheel & in a side position
  3. and hold the camera!
  4. have my emery wheel touching the tips of the claws.

(So far no one thought as to how I arranged this ‘set-up’.)
Something’s wrong I only have two hands and I had to do all these things at once.
‘Voila’…invisible GLUE!
I had some very strong glue at my bench (not for setting stones)…:>) Here are the funny results!

Don’t blame me, I just had to come up with these creative ideas, in minutes. But these pictures were used for the “Engagement Ring; 4-claw Setting Essay”


Not funny—ingenious!
Thanks for the essay!


“Staging ring” results?The idea just came to me in seconds, with a little
light humour thrown in during the setup process. It seemed so obvious and
the results are there! I should have been in the entertainment industry. “What
you see, is not what you see!
”, agree?..:>)

*Gerry Lewy *

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