Stacking rings

Good Afternoon,

This might be a dumb question, but I have been asked to make a set
of stacking rings to fit a male client. I thought these were
predominatley afemale adornment. Am I wrong or are they worn by both


This might be a dumb question, 

ain’t no such thing IMO.

Am I wrong or are they worn by both sexes? 

Yep, worn my anyone who wants to.

Paf Dvorak

I have made these rings several times for either a husband and wife
for wedding bands or for just the husband for a wedding ring.
Actually yesterday a customer who I had made these for several years
ago stopped by to say high and I did notice that he still rolls his
around on his fingers while we were chatting.

Take care, Paul Le May, Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada.

I don’t care if they are worn by an anteater.

I love stacking rings. More rings to charge for. Great source for
return sales as they add more rings.

And best of all, job security. Why? Because they will wear each
other out and you’ll have the chance to re- half shank them for some
nice money later on.

While we are on the subject of gender appropriate jewelry… I
encourage all of my fellow jewelers to support same sex marriage.
Not only is it the right thing to do, but think of the possibilities!
With fewer and fewer hetro folks getting married we have a new and
exciting market to cater to. I’m hoping that this will also challenge
us to concentrate more on attractive men’s rings. So much of the
commercially made men’s stuff is boring. Really boring. It’s getting
so much better in the last few years, but mainstream America has yet
to embrace anything other than geometric and blah for men. We can
also design women’s wedding rings that are outside the usual norm.
This could be a real game changer for the trade. Let’s embrace the
new possibilities.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer

Stacking rings for men or women? Probably mostly female, yes, but I
would have thought it doesn’t matter really, who wears what, as long
as they keep wearing jewellery? Let him enjoy the gorgeous rings you
will make for him, and you enjoy his custom!


Jewelry has no gender identification anymore. Transgender people and
highfashion models wear whatever they want, anytime they want. The
New York female runway models have also been wearing men’s cologne
for many years. Give them what they want so the can be who they are!
M. Mersky, making the gender lines disappear at

Hi Gerry,

I saw stacking rings designed for men for the first time last week in
Christine Marguerite’s shop in Boulder, CO. I noted the components
were slightly wider than more feminine designs. I was told they
often are requested to solder them together, but not always. One
gentleman preferred the thinner band when golfing and wider for dress


It is not a dumb question, my answer would be, can you do the work and
satisfy the customer, and would it really matter which gender wears
stacking rings. I would make a quote as fast as possible and do what
I do best, meeting or exceeding a customers expectations.

Richard Hart
Denver, Co.