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Stabalizing fish fossils

One of my neighbors is building a house and using fish fossils to
line one the walls in a room. I recieved a few “extra” little guys
to see if I could use them in jewlery. The matrix is very soft, I
can scratch it with my fingernail. Any suggestions on how to make it
harder (maybe something like Opticon) without making the little
fishies disappear?

I wish I could be in Tuscon right now with you all, but I can’t get
there until Monday ;( . Have a wonderful Orchid Dinner! If any of
you are still in town, come see me at the TGMS show in the arena

Wendy Newman

Try soudim silicateWaterglass or egg keep) most drug stores carry
it, dilute it, at about 25 pts. to 75 parts water inother words about
25% solution then lightly brush it on this is what I use to condition
my molds for tuffa stone casting it hardens the material a good bit ,
in fact that’s what we used to use to stabalize turquoise chalk into
cuttable material. Kenneth Ferrell

Brushing on Hot Stuff or some similar cyanoacrylate would probably
work. I have been using a product called “WonderLock’em” which is
made for furniture repair and is sold at Ace Hardware. It is really
just a super-penetrating superglue.

Lee Einer
Dos Manos Jewelry