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Stabalized Turquoise

"Stabilize - To treat Turquoise with plastic or other
substance to heighten its color and durability and increase its
potential to take a polish. Stabilized Turquoise is natural
turquoise to begin with, but it has been artificially enhanced.

The best stabilized stones are difficult to tell from high
grade turquoise, but they are not nearly as valuable and should
not be sold as natural turquoise. An experienced, reputable
dealer is your best bet against misrepresentation."

From " Skystone and Silver - The Collector’s Book of Southwest
Indian Jewelry " by Carl Rosnek and Joseph Stacey.

Skystone and Silver: The Collector’s Book of Southwest Indian Jewelry
By Carl Rosnek

Media: Hardcover
Manufacturer : Prentice Hall
Release data : 01 March, 1979

If You can find this book for under $ 100 in good condition, Buy It.

This was a seminal book for me. I read and reread it while
convalescing. It shaped a new direction for me.

The oldest recorded piece of jewelry is Turquoise mounted in gold.
The find was Mid East, the date 8,000 years ago.

I have bought and sold natural and enhanced turquoise for a time. I
prefer natural, but will use and sell stabilized.

Gems and Gemology vol. xxxv Spring 1999 has on its cover examples of
Turquoise and a featured article on Zachery - Treated Turquoise . "
Zachery - treated Turquoise can not be detected by standard
gemological techniques " I have handled some marketed by Sterling
Turquoise and it was very very nice looking. But …

I have one very large piece of A grade Persian Matrix. It is the best
single piece I have ever seen. As it is from North East Iran,
prospects are very poor for obtaining any more, are poor. Its mounting
still eludes me, but I am thinking Silver / 5% Platinum with 18 K
Yellow Bezel. The mother of all braggers.

I have used the term " not mixing my physics and metaphysics ", but
to me , this is what personal adornment is about .

Professionally, disclosure and integrity are where you start.

Do not mistake CIVILITY for SERVILITY