I’m just getting around to putting my site up and was wondering what you
thought of an idea I’ve been mulling over. Do you think there would be
an interest in some sort of a show and tell page where
jewelers/silversmiths and rockhound/stone cutters could show their most
recent projects, get help, swap stones etc. I am trying to make a
living out of my craft, but sometimes I would just like to brag about my
latest stone or silver piece, and maybe start a little healthy
competition. Even if all it does is give someone a little inspiration
or a glimpse of what is possible. Let me know what you think.
Fred Krauter /Gristmill Craft School
Jewelry Techniques/Stone cutting
Handcut stones & handmade jewelry

Fred Krauter wrote: (see below)

Sorry to butt in Fred, but I think its a super idea and would certainly
like to feature it
on GemNet.

Incidentally I have added you pages to the GemNet Reciprocal Links

And in the spirit of Reciprocal Links
We have prepared a simple and small piece of HTML code to enable you to
add a
link to GemNet from you Web Pages, check it out out:_

Let us know when you get your ‘tell’ page together.

Best Regards

Clive Billing
for GemNet

Fred Krauter wrote: