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SR series Foredom

Quick question, How much slippage should there be in a SR Foredom with a
number 30 handpiece? Mine seems to stall quite easily when drilling or
buffing. . Is there any way to adjust it?

Thanks in advance


There should be none. Check to be sure that at least 7/8 inch of the key tip is sticking out of the end of the shaft. With the handpiece off. The key tip may not be engaging. You could also check the set screw at the arbor on the motor. The arbor is a little stub that sticks out from the motor and to which the inner cable is attached.

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Hi Gerry,

I had a similar occurrence of of slippage with my #30 jacobs handpiece…

I waas going to order a new one (pink!) but decided to call the wonderful people at Rio Grande Tech support first…

It was a good thing I did!

The support technician walked me through taking apart my #30 handpiece and putting it back together.

It seems that a part got dislocated in there and was not seated properly.

We got it all seated nicely and put it back together and it worked perfectly after that.

The hand piece twists apart…if you look closely, there is a faint line of separation between the two sides…mine was verrry tight…I had to use a wrench and vise to assist in unscrewing the two sides.

(when I looked down into the handpiece before I took it apart, I could see a washer-like disc sort of moving around…)

anyway…@riogrande got me all squared away!

here is a foredom handpiece maintenance video:

here is a foredom flexible shaft maintenance video:

here is a video on foredom motor maintanence and motor brush replacement:


note- he says that #30 handpieces built around 2005 and prior, were made a little differently and need to be sent in.

(around the 5:00 minute mark on the handpiece video)


I don’t know what you mean by slippage. You push the foot switch and they go. Sounds like you are asking it to do more than it is designed to do. Make sure that everything is tight and lubricated where it should be. Make sure that your tools are tight in the chuck. Lubricate your drills with beeswax or some commercial product. Buy a small polishing motor to polish with rather than using the Foredom. I have an SR and it is great. It is a rare piece that it doesn’t touch in some way. Good luck…Rob

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Hi Rob,

You are right. I think I should have said “something was loose in there”…I think the nut had loosened and the inside elements were not tightly seated.