Square ring sizing

Hope you can help. How do you size square rings while
maintaining it’s original shape? thanks, Jim

jim - i have been making my copyrighted ‘u’ rings for some time,
& the odd square ones also, i just slip them on the round
mandrel/sizer. a quick way is to measure off the inside of a
round ring onto the anvil/stake/etc. & work on it there. ive

Jim, I use a “soft square” mandral. It is not soft, but hard
steel and just slightly squared. Can’t remember where I got it,
but try Rio G. The ring is put on and hammered with whatever
hammer you need,ie: steel hammer if you need to move metal or
size up, rawhide mallet if you just want to “soft square” it.
Rings fit better and don’t ‘SPIN’ as much on the finger.This is
one of my “trademarks” in my original designs as I do this to
nearly all my rings. There is also a true soft hollow plastic
mandral available that conforms to the squared or any ring to
confirm proper size. You will most likley need both mandrals to
get precise with your sizes. This mandral also works well at
order take-in to judge customers rings (to be sized) more
accuretly.Let me know if I can be of more help.Thomas

Jim and Thomas Have you seen the beautiful collection of rings
that Jean Francois Albert makes with squared shanks. He also now
has a great new adjustable ring shank that lets you fit a ring
over a lrge knuckle and then tighten it so it does not turn.

Etienne Perret