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Square knot ring problems

GlacierI undertook a simple “square knot ring” which solders two half
round lengths with an “eye” on each end, then passes them through
each other to form the knot. That works fine, but I find that then
soldering the shank together is a nightmare. I can’t get it to line
up or have the seam disappear. The whole assembly is “wiggly” due to
the knot and won’t stay together under tension. Working with two
third hands is very frustrating. Does anyone know a trick?

Fr. Alexis Duncan
Joy of All Who Sorrow Russian Orthodox Church
Atlanta, GA

I think I would super-glue the knot into position, align the shank,
glue that, then set the ring, knot-side down, in investment plaster.
Leave the top (shank) part sticking out. Solder, dissolve/break