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Sputtering torch

I recently purchased a propane/air torch from rio grande. Overall I
like it, I use the large tip and it allows me to work with larger
pieces at a lower temp than my oxy/acetelye mini torch. But I am
getting really annoyed with its habit of sputtering out when I am in
the middle of some crucial soldering job. It is blowing along just
fine, I have plenty of gas in the tank, I am not covering the air
intake holes…It just sputters then goes out. What’s the deal?



I’m not really very good with a torch, but have a few ideas and
suggestions which might help.

A few questions first:

  1. Are you using a carborizing or oxygen rich flame?

  2. Are the tips you are using meticulously clean? That includes
    using a tip cleaning tool and/or possibly removing the tip being
    used and cleaning it in an ultrasonic cleaner.

  3. Have you tried using different types of fluxes or soldering

  4. Is the tip size appropriate for the type of material(s), energy
    sources and temperature needed?

Two causes come readily to mind. Firstly, the flux is bubbling and
causing clogging of the torch tip. Secondly, the torch tip is so
large that the materials being heated are literally being dislodged
and flying up to clog your tip.

Another two possibilities:

One or more of the line fittings between the tanks and the torch are
not adequately tight.

The torch body and/or the regulators need to be repaired / rebuilt /

Being self-taught in the use of a torch I’ve had to learn through my
mistakes, and generally found I was using the wrong setup/equipment
or needed to improve my torch techniques.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. Just remember using a torch
involves many variables. When something works be sure to remember
or record the setup and what you were doing. When all else fails,
try going back to something that previously worked

Wishing you the best.

J. R.