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Hi John,

In your comment on spruing us suggested using a sprue at each
"hot spot". I don’t do casting, but I have a lot of curiosity.
So what do you mean by “hot spot” Is it a thick or thin point,
or something completely different? Thanks for the info. MP


Hi Michael, A “Hot Spot” is an isolated thick spot. For example,
a square ring with a round finger hole has 4 Hot Spots. Some
pieces are tricky to figure where all the spots are. Thats why I
recomend using a millimeter degree caliper to thoroughly map your
piece to identify all spruing locations. Some folks think this is
too extreme and rely on a particular alloy to get arround this.
Sometimes it works, but the folks who want to cut corners to save
a few bucks are the first to return a piece for a refund when
they find porosity. J.A.