Springy alloy for casting

Hello all. I have designed a clasp-device which includes a flexible
snap. Cast in 18K, the snap is of course too soft to spring back.
Is there a springy alloy I can use, or possibly just a lower (10K
e.g.) karat gold that would work, and continue to work over time?
Or is platinum the answer? I’d rather stick with gold if possible.

I do remember reading about a new patented gold with memory; whether
it’s the alloy or the process that creates this characteristic, I
don’t recall.

Please don’t tell me that it can’t be done by casting. I’m hoping
there’s a way.

Thanks so very much to the pros in this wonderful group who so
generously mentor us all.

Tess Headley


There is a 14K yellow Heat-Treatable sheet on the market. From
contacting the vendor several years ago, if I remember correctly it
can be cast and then heat treated. You will heat treat the item to
650F for one hour and then either quench or air cool. This will
produce a tensile strength of 1145,000 psi (245 dph). This makes the
item ideal for items needing extra strength such as hollow designs,
beads for Spring-type material. The sheet is available from Rio and
I am sure other suppliers as well. Definately worth looking into for
your project. I used it on a cast bracelet which required a spring
type fastening system and it worked very well for me.

I hope this helps.

Phillip Scott G.G.
Technical Support & Sales
Rio Grande

Tess: I have been using 14 K plumb spring gold for about 15 years in
casting my elk and caribou figutes and it has worked fine. I bought my
gold from Martin Hanum of Los Angeles , but you should be able to get
spring gold from any goos presiou dealer. Billy S. Bates

Hi Tess. I am just relying on MY memory here, but I am sure that in
some of their recent leaflets, Cookson were advertising ‘memory Gold’
Try http://www.cooksongold.com

Thank you to all the people who took the time to answer my question
about Pnp film. you came up with was extremely useful
All i need now is the time to put it all into practise.
Cheersfrom Ruth, enjoying a sunny evening in the UK.

Dear Tess, There is a way to make a springy gold alloy which retains
its spring after casting. On page 214 of the 1998 Santa Fe Symposium
book you will find the alloys for 9,10,14 and 18ct golds. They are
based on Pd/Cu to attain the required springyness. The compromise is
colour as the Pd tends to pale it off. However we have have been
using these alloys for many years with great success and no one has
ever complained about the colour. Good luck, Tony Eccles