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Spring Winder tool

Help - We are looking for a “spring winder” - a small tool that will
help us wind steel wire into springs for watch cases, bracelets,
etc. A jump ring winder will not do because we need a tool that
will bend the ends at right angles. Or, if we can’t find a tool, a
supplier of these springs that are being used in the heavy cuff type
bracelets like David Yurmin, etc. and in watch cases with covers,
would be a great help.

Greg Reeves
Annapolis Precious Metals

Hi Greg

If you have any used scissor type watch bands, you can remove the
springs from them. Once you install the spring in the propper
location and pin it, just pull on it to make it tightened to fit your
application. You can even bend the ends with the same small pliers
you’re using to pull the spring.


For ready made springs that will work in watchcase lids, look in to
lighter repair supplies, like zippo, because alot of lighters used to
use coil springs for the lids.