Spring source

Does anyone know where to get replacement springs for lobster claws?
Often, a perfectly good clasp is scrapped because springs are not
available for replacement.

If not ready made, how about a good source for fine spring wire? Thx~

I’ve been getting my springwire from Jewelers Warehouse, 1-703-588-

HI Jeff. We don’t use any special ‘lobster claw’ wire. We use
stainless steel leader wire, from any fishing tackle shop. It works
great. The sizes we use most are #3, 0.012" dia; and #5, 0.014" dia.
It costs about $1.50 for a 30 ft length, which should last a loooong
time (depending on how many clasps your making). If you make a lot
of clasps, you can find it in 500-600 ft lengths. You will want a
‘single strand wire’. Brand names are American Fishing Wire, or
Malin (there are lots of others, though). You can find it at many
places on the internet, or your local fishing/outdoor store. You may
find another specification for the wire, and that is by weight it
will support for fishing - the #3 is around 32 lbs, the #5 is around
44 lbs. Avi Meir www.silbers.com

Although I haven’t tried this myself, Jeffery Matthews suggested
using a jeweler’s saw blade for making small leaf springs. This was
at last year’s Catalog in Motion. (Use the part without teeth.)
You might give it a try if all else fails. I might try it myself
sometime… -BK in AK