Spring loaded hinge

Hi everyone!

This is my second time throwing a question. Last time I really loved
the feedback.

Okay- does anyone know anything about spring loaded hinges? I want
to make a bracelet hinge that is spring loaded. I know about basic
hinge making, my biggest questions about the whole spring loaded
thing is:

How do you make OR Where do you get the spring? What material can
you/should you use?

This is NOT a one of a kind piece- this would go into production
where I expect hundreds to sell, so I am looking at inexpensive

any ideas would be greatly appreciated,
Thank you very much!!
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You can make your own springs with spring steel wire. Grainger might
have it. Check out the book “Boxes and Lockets” by Tim MCreight he
does a good job describing how to make that type of hinge.