Spring gold

Hi Someone !

I want to know more about spring gold in the following areas :

1.	Alloy details.
2.	Application
3.	Benefits.

B. Maran.

Maran: have used 14K Spring Gold for about 25 years. I use it for
casting my 7x7 Elk head and my Barren Ground Caribou Head. If you
click onto my web page you can see why I use Spring 14 K gold I get
it From Martin Hanun of Los Angeles California. address: Martin
Hannun Ind. P.O.Box 21465 Los Angeles, Ca.90021 1-213-622-7101 I have
been doing business with this co. for 30 years and they have been
great Yours; Billy S Bates royalminiatures.com

Maybe I can help. Do you mean yellow spring? Major alloy makers like
PMWest all have spring yellow alloys for fabrication or stamping.
Most white gold alloys will work harden well enough for clasps and
such, look out for fire cracking if trying to heat treat nickel white
gold. Casting is not the way to start with spring gold or spring
anything else, the structure is wrong. The details vary with the
alloy, some alloys use magnesium or nickel to give the spring quality
to the gold. The benefits of a spring metal are the ability to deform
and spring back to the original shape, like for a clasp or money
clip. Let us know what karat and color you would like to use for
better advice. Daniel Ballard

Another alloy you might try is#320 from United Precious Metals. It
is a 2 phase alloy and should be quenched immediately after casting
then heat treat at 600F for 1 hour and air cool.

Matt Powell